Spare Parts

BZW Drift Eliminators

Drift Eliminators


Breezewater's own in-house designed Drift Eliminators have been drift tested and meet the drift loss requirements of AS3666, being less than 0.002%  of circulating water flow.

We can also supply a range of alternative Drift Eliminators from worldwide manufacturers to ensure you are provided with the best solution for your particular project.

BZW Fill Media

Fill Media


Breezewater has designed and licenced an in-house line of fill media for process cooling needs. The fill has a proven track record and is a reliable, cost effective solution.

We can also supply alternative types of fill media from top manufacturers worldwide.

Fan Motors


Breezewater sources motors from both top local and international manufacturers to ensure you are provided with the best solution for your cooling project.

Whether you are needing a part for your new build projects, replacement parts or repairs to existing equipment, Breezewater can help you.

Addax Driveshaft



Breezewater can supply Driveshafts suitable to fit any sized cooling tower, for either new builds or replacement projects.

We will order the driveshafts based on professional calculations to ensure the correct DBSE.

Amarillo double reduction gearbox



Breezewater sources gearboxes from leading manufacturers all over the world and we are able to supply new or replacement gearboxes for any of your cooling needs.

Howden 'E' series fan



Breezewater can supply any type of fan for your process cooling needs.

Ask us about products for: New builds


                                           Repairs to existing fans